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 Our initiative has contacted groups and individuals dedicated to protecting human rights in the field of eradicating religious discrimination.  This site is constructed  to highlight and expose the atrocities of human rights violations conducted by FECRIS and its FECRIS member groups and correspondent groups.

FECRIS is an umbrella organization. FECRIS has 18 branch offices spread across most European Countries. Eight of these groups in France, Austria, Sweden, Germany and Spain are covered in this site. It was found that ca 4-5 of these offices were relatively inactive (not more than a post office box and some meetings occasionally), whereas other offices such as in France and Germany were much more active. The roots of FECRIS began in the 1970ies. It used methods at that time and through the 80ies, 90ies and up to the latest case in January 2003 have been both extremist and illegal such as kidnapping and false imprisonment (deprogramming). FECRIS per their own literature are intolerant of minorities, one such evidence  is FECRIS on their own homepage specifically acknowledging the French anti-cult groups for their lobby which contributed towards the approval of the French anti religious About-Picard law.

These groups have a proven track of often creating a hateful and an often hysterical climate against minority religions, an activity very far from the goals of Council of Europe, which has been brought before courts in several countries, specifically Austria, France, Spain and Sweden.

Article 1 of the Statutes of the Council of Europe stresses specifically in regards to Consultative NGOs that they must be involved in the maintenance and further realization of human rights and fundamental freedoms (this is a basic qualifying point for an NGO to be recognized). There are evidences contained herein which put the activities of FECRIS groups in question, and thus we have taken it upon ourselves to conduct a conclusive investigation regarding these documented instances of criminal activity/discrimination by FECRIS member groups. We have contacted a number of Human Rights Groups, individuals that have suffered discrimination, minority religions and other sources of information in order to document the track of FECRIS human rights violations. A number of groups that have been contacted which have raised severe accusations in regards the conduct of FECRIS and its member groups. We are now making available the data gathered so far which clearly shows that these accusations of severe human rights violations are not  rumors but in actual fact FECRIS have a factual and documented record of human rights abuses and actual criminal convictions spanning at least 8 countries per what we know so far. Judgment of any NGO application must be based on proved data and must be inside the scope of upholding the responsibility of upholding Article 1 and not giving any authorization to any group or individual that may infringe those basic rights, which per the data we have found we believe FECRIS do not uphold, or minimally the accusations noted herein minimally should be investigated fully before granting such a status to a group, with definite questionable involvement in activities which have even been negatively judged in the European Court of Human Rights..

FECRIS is part of the anti-religious trend spear-headed by France and currently climaxing in the attempted placement of this group in an advisory capacity at the Council of Europe to consult on issues regarding religions.

There are more than 50 groups and individuals and a petition with several thousands of names in direct opposition to this group receiving the NGO application approval. The reasoning on that is simply it has a track record of perpetual human rights violations in most countries in Europe including more than 15 criminal convictions on members of its network of groups and correspondent groups. These FACTS must be made known.

We have taken it upon ourselves to gather together documentation from as many groups and individuals which have experienced documented and factual discrimination under the hands of FECRIS member groups.

We will be posting every incident we find on this site, so far we mainly have the evidences collected so far from different groups and individuals and putting them on line for your use. Meanwhile we continue the current investigation is which is involving researchers conducting fact finding investigations into documented human rights abuses in which FECRIS have been involved and also following new leads on this topic. We will publish everything we find and regularly be updating this site.

We also ask you who read this, to alert us to any FECRIS member group abuses/crimes against minority religions in your area with full documented specifics, so we can continue to monitor, investigate and alert to new cases found.